The Disco Biscuits

Central Park Summer Stage

New York, NY

Aug 16, 2002

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About Formats
About Formats

Chris Ciervo 5/3/2023 9:52:33 AM

"Yeah, this is DEF an awesome show > not 2 mention the venue/vibes, there > right in the middle of the NICE(R) side of Central Park > PLUS I brought only my now deceased dad to his 2nd-only Bisco show + on his birthday, & the Anniversary of the date Woodstock started on > which my dad actually attended right after being wounded w/ a Purple Heart from Nam'! BUT, however, not the last! 1!!! ?? He used to tell me the energy @ a Bisco show even beats sone of the best classic rock performances he himself attended back in the day! He embellished a LOT > HOWEVER, for this statement, I actually believed him 100% RIP, dad! This was a great memory w/ him before he got sick! PS: Oh, yeah > &, everything the reviewers above me said I conquer w/ = ESPECIALLY that nasty VASILLLIOS>R.C.! ???? ??"

Todd Padre 5/2/2023 9:58:44 AM

"Vasillios through rock candy slaps. "

antelopejim42 2/27/2007 1:00:13 PM

"this is an oldie but a goodie: a one-set beauty to say the least. The spectacle jam gets things going well, but the vasillios > rock candy is absolutely some of the best jamming theyve ever done. they mesh on such a level that every time i hear it (every day) i wonder if allen can ever fill the shoes sammy left behind. a great show: get it for a good single serving dose of good bisco 1.0."


Setlist at Central Park Summer Stage, New York, NY on Aug 16, 2002

Set One

Spectacle 713


Vassillios 672


Rock Candy 609


Helicopters 852


King of The World 463


Rock Candy 319


Magellan 1139


Shelby Rose 553


Sound One 386


Widow In The Rain 89


The Big Happy 29


Widow In The Rain 42


The Big Happy 29


Widow In The Rain 43


The Big Happy 231


Helicopters 312



Hope 503


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