The Disco Biscuits

College Street

New Haven, CT

Mar 14, 2024

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Magellan - with "Red Red Wine" (UB40) samples

Confrontation - Techno version

Fire Will Exchange - Inverted; first time inverted

Photo by Tara Gracer


Miss Understood & Underrated 4/10/2024 7:12:23 AM

"I’m going to be the odd person out and bring your attention to TBC> Monster> Caterpillar. What a way to end a fantastic show! Why this section sticks out to me so much because this section features and displays the craftsmanship and finesse the Biscuits have developed within themselves due to playing together for the last 19 years. They are unbelievably tight as hell, especially when you hear them go from rock to reggae, to dream theater type rock, to trance dance take off your pants tempos. Seriously, what other live band sounds like a DJ is spinning some records segueing songs so flawlessly?! (the re-entry into Caterpiller, end of story!) Then to top it off with Brownstein’s timeless classic Wet?! Move the F over and let the real OG kidz dance! ???? I just can’t with these guys anymore! ??????? SiYD! "

INV BALL 4/4/2024 9:35:12 AM

"here to make sure nobody sleeps on the FWE>TBC. Such a fire groove they drop into and the TBC segue is butter. Herm lights during this segment were sick - they were totally locked into the pocket. "

Like a red supernova 3/23/2024 7:56:56 PM

"Caterpillar > FWE > To be continued might be my favorite slice of music from this epic 8 day run. Pure ear candy, I can’t stop re listening. "

Without Wingz 3/20/2024 7:15:30 PM

"Really great show. There is some great interplay between Barber and Magner in the opening stand-alone Magellan opener. The techno confrontation rounds out a strong first set. The second set is AWESOME. Really intense jamming in caterpillar, this is a must listen. Fire Will Exchange is well executed and To Be Continued is nailed and epic as usual. "

Boca Oz 3/20/2024 5:16:35 PM

"This show is fire throughout?????? plenty of highlights…I love that Photograph JAM, soooooooo sick"


Setlist at College Street, New Haven, CT on Mar 14, 2024

Set One

Crowd 63


Magellan 1452


Twisted in the Road 1524


Photograph 777


Confrontation 905


Set Two

Crowd 120


Caterpillar 1730


Fire Will Exchange 1398


To Be Continued 1395


Monster 508


Caterpillar 408



Wet 446


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