The Disco Biscuits

Electric Factory

Philadelphia, PA

Dec 30, 2007

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About Formats
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B4LRager 10/10/2022 1:40:11 PM

"Excellent very underrated show, Strobe>MunchKin>Strobe, Spacebird, Dribble "

bnoring 4/4/2016 1:45:26 PM

"December 30th of 2007 - not sure what I was doing but if I could travel back in time I'd be at this show. Their New Year's appearance for their hometown of Philadelphia before moving onto New Jersey for the 31st and most likely taking most of the people at this show with them. The show starts out a bit shaky with a rare Aucoin flub that takes the band awhile to recover from - after that this is the best show of 2007 I have heard. I'd be careful playing this as this show as I had shit falling all over my room - some serious bass that made my empty bottle of Confluence's Gray's Lake Nessie crash onto my computer. I have to agree with Marc Brownstein's comments before letting original drummer take the stage - this is a point where the post Sammy-era of the Biscuits really began to shine and shine they will through '08 and my personal favorite '09. Although I have to say Sammy sounds like he never left, and the 33 minute version of "Magellan" is one of the many highlights. "

2ci 1/15/2008 7:18:22 PM

"yea that shit happened to me. i was trippin face and it was really weird. possibly the weirdest thing ive ever experienced at a show. but this show kicked ass!! way better than new years"

yokidzfromthebiscoland 1/15/2008 12:00:44 PM

"did anybody us get their balls grabbed by the black lady.....when she did i said you might as well ask me to cough bitch then she just me in. GREAT SHOW worth the DOWNLOAD"

biscoshway 1/14/2008 6:35:09 PM

"As usual security sucked, and the place full of energy"


Setlist at Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA on Dec 30, 2007

Set One

Spacebirdmatingcall 1585


Mindless Dribble 630


Strobelights And Martinis 809


Munchkin Invasion 986


Strobelights And Martinis 523


Set Two

Save The Robots 1607


Shelby Rose 494


Digital Buddha 734


Mindless Dribble 1025


Spacebirdmatingcall 399


M.E.M.P.H.I.S. 556


7-11 316



Magellan 2018


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