The Disco Biscuits

Lafayette Square

Buffalo, NY

Jun 5, 2008

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About Formats
About Formats

bnoring 1/12/2015 1:04:53 PM

"Plenty of highlights for sure...but not a classic show in my book. First off other then two versions of the fan favorite "Nughuffer" the track listening is pretty obscure. Highlights would be "Kitchen Mitts", "Jigsaw Earth", and the 24 minute "Cyclone". But you also get three cover versions (Nirvana (?), Rage Against the Machine (?), and Pink Floyd). Also the sound is pretty bassy which sounded great out of the home stereo but a bit much through the headphones. Not a favorite, but a interesting show for the hardcore Bisco fan. "

DABISCO 6/11/2008 7:04:44 AM

"Sorry, everybody, got this one hearing the reviews and hipe! After listening agree, very well executed and lots of energy. However, If you wern't at this show, go with the next 2 shows. You won't be disappointed. You will be disappointed with the vocals on this DL/source-Can't hear a thing their saying. Anyway, rock out bitches. Cant't wait til CAMP!!!!!!!! LOVE YA!!! "

JIZZY 6/8/2008 1:46:07 PM

"the whole show was fire. get it now"

Andrew 6/8/2008 6:57:59 AM

"Hard-raging and unique, high energy throughout, best of '08 so far, among my top 3 all-time. A perfect setting for the return of floes. "


Setlist at Lafayette Square, Buffalo, NY on Jun 5, 2008

Set One

Kitchen Mitts 588


Nughuffer 559


Jigsaw Earth 589


Floes 912


Killing in the Name 340


Little Lai 639


Set Two

Banter 59


Floodlights 559


Digital Buddha 693


Cyclone 1473


Run Like Hell 797


Nughuffer 590


Chemical Warfare Brigade 650



Lithium 310


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