The Disco Biscuits

Marrz Theatre

Wilmington, NC

Aug 9, 2002

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About Formats
Show Notes
  • By the time summer tour rolled around in 2002 the band had started to adopt a slightly different approach to the way they jammed and played in general. The huge peaks and intenseness was still there as it was in the 99-01 era but it became tighter and more polished. And this show from the Marrz Theatre in Wilmington, NC is such a great example of that 02 sound. I had got into multitrack recording that year using a Tascam DA-88 capable of recording 8 tracks at a time, which I used to start multitracking Biscuits shows that year and this was the first of a few shows that summer I was able to record this way.
    Show opens with a really fun Mr. Don > B&C ending, followed by a great stand-alone Floodlights with a surprisingly unique and well played jam in it. Then things really get going with a huge Shimmy > Spaga ending. The Shimmy jam starts out so hauntingly before this massive build up into the end of Spaga, which really could not have been played any better. The whole segment is just flat out awesome and will always be one of my favorite segments I saw live. Spraypaint > Trooper > Hot Air Balloon closes out a long 97 minute Set 1. Want to make note of the jam out of Trooper into HAB as very good and one of the highlights of the show. And the HAB itself is easily one of the most well played versions I've heard. It can be easy to take for granted just how incredible of a song that is and this version is a good reminder of that.
    After that 1st set it became obvious, or at least to me, that this was a particularly great night for Barber, who was just knocking everything outta the park. Even the stand alone Mulberry's was awesome because Jon is just flat out killing it. His tone, attitude, technique, everything was on point. Straight through to the sick I-Man encore, with a gorgeous 2nd jam. Just a great ending to such an enjoyable show. Great vibe that night. It was hot and sweaty as you'd expect at the beach in North Carolina in August but it was one of those shows you felt fortunate to be there for as soon as it ended. 

bnoring 3/5/2018 2:18:48 PM

"Rich Steele picked a good one to remaster. I was pretty blown away by the first set especially which has totally unique (for the Biscuits) collective jams that has me looking forward to more 2002 shows. That set especially is one for fans of keyboardist Aron Magner, and in many ways is similar to some of last summers jams (2017). Solid all the way through as well, and thankfully pretty easy to check out."


Setlist at Marrz Theatre, Wilmington, NC on Aug 9, 2002

Set One

Crowd 34


Mr. Don 883


Bernstein and Chasnoff 131


Floodlights 712


Little Shimmy In A Conga Line 1025


Spaga 609


Spraypaint 764


Trooper McCue 654


Hot Air Balloon 1049


Set Two

Magellan 1285


Mulberry's Dream 495


Aquatic Ape 636


Shelby Rose 729


Aquatic Ape 166


Astronaut 710


Little Shimmy In A Conga Line 385


Jamillia 634



Ulua 246


I-man 928


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