The Disco Biscuits

Newport Music Hall

Columbus, OH

Nov 2, 2007

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About Formats
About Formats

Rob 12/16/2007 8:36:56 PM

"This was another sweet ass show. Looking foward to circo bisco for new year`s. Can`t think of any other place I would rather spend new years. Camden should be interesting as always. Hope to see everyone there!!!! "

Chrisco 11/26/2007 12:05:34 PM

"This show was off the hook!! I didn`t stop moving from the first chord of strobelights to the last chord of Oname. I was impressed with the entire show, this was my 6th show and the bestby far. I enjoyed the setlist a lot, a lot of firsts for me. Sound One was such a treat for me as was betty boop caterpillar. The Buddha was insanity, long with much crazyiness. 42 is always fun, but the moshi made it better. Fuck the whole second set was FIRE!! Dane Party USA as the previous reviewer stated!!! I was disappointed when I heard the first chord of the encore and didn`t know it, i wanted to sing along. But as I have come to learn Bisco do not disappoint and I am now overly impressed by Grass is Green, Aaron has a couple minutes in there that are just absolutely beautiful. I totally recommend this show for anyone that loves Bisco or wants to know what they are about. "

Allie 11/21/2007 9:05:17 PM

"i could not stop moving best concert I have seen and Im glad most of the soundboard is out!!"

jb 11/21/2007 6:15:32 PM

"this show was Dance party usa!"


Setlist at Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH on Nov 2, 2007

Set One

Strobelights And Martinis 982


And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night 637


Crickets 870


Lunar Pursuit 1181


Sound One 372


Set Two

Caterpillar 963


Crickets 627


Little Betty Boop 598


Digital Buddha 1081


42 426


Moshi Fameus 184


42 294



Grass Is Green 840


Oname Wa 358


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