The Disco Biscuits

North Coast Music Festival

Chicago, IL

Sep 6, 2015

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About Formats

Phan_Halen 9/13/2021 4:45:32 PM

"The Biscuits crushed it at NCMF on this night. Absolutely destroying the two sets they played the night before at the Concord. Definitely a nonstop heater "

bnoring 11/21/2015 3:44:35 PM

"It's got it's moments, and it's not what you might expect for a short (by Bisco standards) festival show. Long jams of "Tricycle", "Story of the World" and "House Dog Party Favor" make up the meat of this show. But then there's "On Time" which might be my least favorite db track, even though I admit the preceding jam is always worth hearing. Worth a listen. "

Fee-nis 9/12/2015 2:10:37 AM

"Got the HD of this set. Band killed it. Barber nail the entire HDPF composition and the jam. But that first hour of the set lives up to expectations. There was a lot of talk after this show about its quality. The band delivered."


Setlist at North Coast Music Festival, Chicago, IL on Sep 6, 2015

Set One

Intro 82


  • $0.99
Strobelights And Martinis 915


Story Of The World 1184


Tricycle 1109


Story Of The World 227


  • $0.99
On Time 637


  • $0.99
House Dog Party Favor 1043


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