The Disco Biscuits

The Caverns Above Ground Amphitheater

Pelham, TN

Aug 20, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats

Wsmfpfan 11/11/2022 8:59:13 AM

"That astronaut > orch is just blazing mad, these dudes seriously unreal"

Ben Fong Torres’d 9/1/2022 1:34:17 PM

"Step on it. Step on the fuggin rocket ship ya fuggin custies "

DaveDread 8/27/2022 8:19:09 PM

"So you fucked around and found out. This set is on the level. This is turn on a dime Biscuits locked and loaded fully inspired. Take your pants off ok. Also BIG UP Rich Hartranft FOH these mixes are balanced and full Perfecto ??"

Phan_Halen 8/25/2022 2:04:47 PM

"The best of the four Biscuits sets played this run "

Wong 8/23/2022 3:11:54 PM

"On a space train! "


Setlist at The Caverns Above Ground Amphitheater, Pelham, TN on Aug 20, 2022

Set One

Banter 95


Astronaut 1177


Orch Theme 623


Times Square 1404


Tourists (Rocket Ship) 815


M1 723


Who's In Charge 554


Space Train 478


Astronaut 112


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