The Disco Biscuits

The Egg

Albany, NY

Mar 18, 2010

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About Formats
About Formats

reallywut 4/4/2010 3:06:41 PM

"Run Like Hell > Portal to an Empty Head = $"

Gumbo72203 4/1/2010 8:01:21 AM

"This was an interesting show. Lots of inspired playing in places, but there were other points where I thought they could have done a LOT better. The segues into Run Like Hell are my main example here; maybe I'd just been spoiled by the brilliant 12/27/04 encore of Astronaut -> Run Like Hell -> Astronaut, but each time it seemed like Barber just was like "Ok, were gonna play RLH now" rather than actually really build up tension and turn it into a peak/turn-around, the way 12/27/04 did. It was just kinda like "Oh, okay, Run Like Hell... cool?" Its just a kinda up-and-down show for me; I flipped shit for my first Vassillios and Morph, but Morph was probably the lowest point of the show, in terms of playing brilliance. It wasnt bad; they didn't fuck up, but it just didn't really do anything special. But actually, the band was really tight as a whole, I felt, and really nailed a lot of the complex stuff; Jigsaw Earth was, to my non-Bisco-kyd ears, flawless, as was Pygmy, which I was super stoked about. and I fucking LOOOOOVE Portal to an Empty Head though!!! Holy shit that rules!!! Don't have any comparison versions to weigh it against, but I fuckin loved it. Rivers is pretty good with lots of Aaron, but the Spraypaint > Orch > Spraypaint is off the fuckin hook; GREAT happy jam in there, also led by Aaron. Overall, I'd give the show probably like, an 85. It was good, could've been better, wish Allen would chill the fuck out sometimes, he's way too busy and it really muddies up the vibe, imo. Not saying he's bad or hating, but I just think he needs to exercise a little restraint and open himself up. But the playing overall is great; no sloppiness really at all, which really impressed me. You'll really dig the show. "

rambler152 3/25/2010 1:44:44 PM

"Ri...dic...ulous. With the new album and the trouble they've had in the last week this show really shows what 2010 has in store for us. Shit was fire."


Setlist at The Egg, Albany, NY on Mar 18, 2010

Set One

Intro 54


Pygmy Twylyte 573


Vassillios 833


Run Like Hell 821


Portal To An Empty Head 866


Morph Dusseldorf 616


Set Two

Banter 107


Jigsaw Earth 1141


Spraypaint 1110


Orch Theme 963


Spraypaint 234


Memphis 814


Run Like Hell 635



Rivers 647


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