The Disco Biscuits

The Fillmore

San Francisco, CA

Nov 21, 2009

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About Formats
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BiscoMojo 12/2/2021 2:25:36 AM

"Another excellent SF show! They didn’t come to CA "

Robdog 12/3/2009 9:45:45 PM

"What a great night! There was definitely a crazy vibe that night, and only my craziest imagination would believe what the boys got into to start the show up about an hour late, looking somewhat lost and giddy. They started to get down from the start, but it didn't really feel like they were picking up from the night before, it was a totally different, & more spaced out show this evening. Once the boys found their groove somewhere around 'Humuhumunukunukuapua'a' they were in it to win it for the rest of the night like hot fire! Considering it was the first time they played it, I definitely enjoyed Naeba but the highlights (that I can remember so far) was Lunar Pursuit/42 & Above the Waves. Got to wait until payday to get the night before, definitely was some good shit there, but for some reason this is the more memorable of the nights. Less hooky and more spacey jamness. "


Setlist at The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA on Nov 21, 2009

Set One

Intro 99


Flash Mob 477


42 986


Humuhumunukunukuapua'a 651


Lunar Pursuit 901


42 201


Basis For A Day 1552


Set Two

Banter 77


Naeba 684


Crickets 518


Little Shimmy In A Conga Line 1236


Above The Waves 995


Crickets 482


On Time 764



Wet 365


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