The Disco Biscuits

The Vic Theater

Chicago, IL

Sep 15, 2001

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About Formats
Show Notes
  • Just days after one of the worst tragedies in this countries' history, the band continued out on what was to be one of the most well-played tours of their career. Just a couple weeks following their epic and final Wetlands run on 9-1 and 9-2, September featured some of the best live music I ever heard from these guys and this show was easily one of the best from that tour. The boys always seemed to pull out a sick show at the Vic Theatre and this was no exception. They wasted no time getting right into it with a great Pygmy > 7-11 into one of the better versions of Spacebirdmatingcall you'll ever hear. But the real meat of this show is what I consider to be one of the best segments of music the band ever played with the Basis For A Day > Aquatic Ape > Basis For A Day in set 2. Deceivingly laid back Basis intro jam but the real fun begins with the very drawn out "bass solo" section jam of Basis, where it was pushed way beyond anywhere it had been before, which perfectly resolves back into that section of Basis. Then the middle jam out of Basis that builds up to this glorious peak where it sounds like they might just be heading into the end of Basis before cleverly shifting gears towards Aquatic Ape. Great jam leading them out of Ape into what ends up being an insane buildup into the end of Basis led by the explosive force that was Sam Altman on drums. The actual segue into the A major ending section of Basis is absolutely flawless. The buildup and drop into it couldn't have been played any better led by Mr. Gutwillig on guitar, who crushes that ending jam, especially during that reprise. It's pretty amazing to listen back to shows like this after all these years and still be in complete awe of how ridiculously good this band is.

Spraypaint Runner-up 8/23/2022 7:23:28 PM

"My first Bisco show that started it all for me."

Phan_Halen 9/16/2021 6:23:10 PM

"I was in attendance for this one over two decades ago. I liked the show but at the time didn’t realize how legendary it really would end up being. These are two perfect recordings of one of the best Biscuits shows of 2001"


Setlist at The Vic Theater, Chicago, IL on Sep 15, 2001

Set One

Pygmy Twylyte 647


7-11 794


Spacebirdmatingcall 1422


Spy 518


Little Lai 683


Vassillios 812


Little Lai 185


Set Two

Banter 34


Sound One 977


Home Again 720


Reactor 545


Basis For A Day 2167


Aquatic Ape 1204


Basis For A Day 222


Encore Break 179


Shelby Rose 779


Banter 51


The Tunnel 674


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