The Disco Biscuits


Cleveland, OH

Nov 12, 2006

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About Formats
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Kenneth Haltman 11/19/2006 3:22:06 PM

"We arrived in Cleveland from East Lansing in time to catch the opening notes of soundcheck from will call, the two standing members of the band humorously visible just from the knees down. When someone “official” saw us having too much fun they shut the doors – what were they thinking? - so we went around the block to grab a bite to eat at the other House of Blues (the restaurant). We, of course, jumped at the chance when our quirky cool waiter - thanks Dave – invited us to catch the rest of soundcheck from the inside, beers in tow, and so caught an unexpected, glorious, fully jammed-out version of Echoes that must have clocked in at over 20 minutes. The sound may have been better from 10 feet in front of the stage when they played it for us again three hours later but the magical tone of the evening was already unmistakable. Indeed, first set was awesome, featuring crisp sound, the usual worth-a-road-trip changes from dark funk to swinging, disco-style, psychedelic lunacy and back again, plus lots and lots of dancing. Jon seemed particularly loose right from the start. There were great moments second set as well, even beyond the Floyd (itself well-worth another listen). Personal highlights for me included a groovy, enchanted Spraypaint to close first set and a rockin’ Spy to close the second. All in all a very enjoyable evening of music."

Joe Saccany 11/13/2006 3:38:05 PM

"Neither the Disco Biscuits nor the crowd were shy of energy and youthfulness on this rather drab Sunday night in the tired town of Cleveland. A pocket of light and cosmic sound stirred this little corner of the city to new life, as the Biscuits displayed a sonic wonder that rivaled the intensity they played with when I first saw the band in Towson MD. some 9 years ago (before they even had a light show!). The band members were all smiles from the onset of the show, and were clearly eager to unleash some of their new material which, I must say, is truly spectacular. The highlight, in my opinion, was the entire first set. The band displayed a very interesting capacity to blend gritty harshness with moving sonic wonder, and then slip into a gentle space jam, all the while maintaining a consistent tone that would cause even the most apathetic philistine to sway his head back in forth in trance-like hypnosis. The second set flattened out in my opinion and was not as loaded with surpises excpet, of couse, for the band`s cover of Echoes, which was truly majestic and delicious. Come to Cleveland more often, boys!"


Setlist at Theatre, Cleveland, OH on Nov 12, 2006

Set One

Once The Fiddler Paid 1005


Liquid Handcuffs 890


Digital Buddah 922


Spraypaint 1353


Set Two

Intro 56


Barfly 451


Munchkin Invasion 924


M.E.M.P.H.I.S. 653


Echoes 1495


Crystal Ball 553


42 1055


Spy 803



Hope 943


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