The Disco Biscuits

Trancegression Festival

Copper Mountain, CO

Jul 14, 2007

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About Formats

wyomingbiscuitsandgravy 7/19/2007 7:03:22 PM

"incredible time up there, this show came through in a BIG way. i concur with the laughter at the "safety dance was def the highlight" comment... HAHAHA ! despite the hype and fun that the fox brought, i honestly think this night, 7/14 on the mountain was rediculous `bisco` beats all over the place, encore lai i ventured to the top finally and saw it elsewhere than the front, and you could tell the entire place was FEEEELING IT. from the beginning on its fire, then the whole gangsta segment took it all to another level. get this show."

genetic42 7/18/2007 8:13:38 PM

""the safety dance was def the highlight""

Tranced 7/18/2007 6:36:57 PM

"This show was sick.....and so was Trancegression!! Be sure to be there next year....The Safety Dance was definitely the highlight......Bisco is the shit"

Bustafluff 7/18/2007 4:54:50 PM

"SOTW>Buddha Digital>SOTW - is absolutely flawless.. right from the gates they game out ready to play. I`m not a big Spectacle fan.. but the jam>Munchin Invasion, Allen is thrashing around on the kit like a freaking mad man! So nasty this whole show is unbeleivable, in fact all 3 of the CO shows were unbelievable! hard to pick a best"

Andtheladieswerewet 7/18/2007 12:46:13 PM

"This is on of the most amazing one set shows I have ever seen or heard. Download this show and don`t look back. One low point of the show is the "Orch Theme -> Safety Dance", It was really rushed; I think that this was a result of time rescrictions. However the "Little Lai encore makes up for it. "


Setlist at Trancegression Festival, Copper Mountain, CO on Jul 14, 2007

Set One

Paul Revere 325


Story Of The World 502


Digital Buddha 924


Story Of The World 392


Spectacle 699


Munchkin Invasion 1296


Hot Air Balloon 1344


Gangster 373


Helicopters 481


Orch Theme 450


The Safety Dance 326



Little Lai 697


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