The Disco Biscuits

Trancegression Festival

Copper Mountain, CO

Jul 15, 2007

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • Encore played after Umphrey's McGee's set. Resolution with Brendan Bayliss and Andy Farag of Umphrey's McGee. There is a full band switch before the segue. Svenghali played by Umphrey's McGee with Jon Gutwillig. Encore recorded by Umphrey's McGee.
  • Reviews

    CrunchyGoodies 7/26/2007 6:37:53 AM

    "I had just had a hot threesome with Azlanlionheart and BiscoFan82`s Moms"

    Azlanlionheart 7/25/2007 6:15:13 PM

    "1st off, Umphrey`s isn`t even in the same league as the Biscuits! For Umphrey`sFan82 to come on the Biscuits website and say Bisco "will never own Umphrey`s", and then to start making personnel attacks on me, is just stupid and belligerent. Not to mention really pussy! Take you`re close minded bullshit elsewhere BiscoFan82, and change your fuckn` name!"

    BiscoFan82 7/24/2007 1:46:26 PM

    "I love Bisco, but they will never own Umphrey`s. Sorry Azlanlionhart, it will never happen. You obviously don`t know shit about music."

    Azlanlionheart 7/23/2007 7:05:45 AM

    "This set was great! Bisco still killed Umphrey`s the second night. Rock Candy was great. A really amazing version of 42. Great hour of and a half of Biscuits! Umphrey`s should never play after the Biscuits, EVER!"

    dj bisco 7/19/2007 6:08:42 PM

    "rock candy was the highlight, but as you will see it wasn`t anything crazy. i thought this show was lame. however, the encore that is included in this download was tight...umphrey`s owned the biscuits sunday night (and i`m not a big umphrey`s fan)."


    Setlist at Trancegression Festival, Copper Mountain, CO on Jul 15, 2007

    Set One

    World Is Spinning 330


    • $0.99
    Abraxas 935


    Rock Candy 1048


    Sweating Bullets 600


    • $0.99
    Kelly Watch The Stars 206


    • $0.99
    42 968



    Banter 150


    • $0.99
    Resolution 694


    • $0.99
    Svenghali 559


    • $0.99

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