The Disco Biscuits

Webster Hall

New York, NY

Mar 29, 2024

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About Formats
Show Notes

The Disco Biscuits: Revolution in Motion album release show:

With two rock operas [Hot Air Balloon ('98) & Chemical Warfare Brigade ('00)] amongst the 8 full-length studio albums under their belt, The Biscuits are back with their 9th studio record, a space opera entitled “Revolution in Motion,” to be released on March 29th, 2024.

Released in 4 parts and accompanied by comic book-style 3D-animated films, Revolution in Motion tells of an alien species set out to discover and study other life throughout the universe. After partying a little too hard and losing track of their mission, the aliens slip through space in a wormhole, arriving at none other than our planet Earth. Vowing to complete their mission, the aliens set out to abduct and study humans with only The Disco Biscuits able to save their own world, and possibly the alien’s world as well.

Revolution in Motion Album Release Show, featuring visuals by Blunt Action & Todd Kushnir

Twisted in the Road - with Erin Boyd on vocals

Tourists (Rocket Ship) - with Matteo Scammell on vocals Cloudchord on guitar

Spaga's Last Stand - with Cloudchord on guitar and Aron Magner on keytar

Why We Dance - with Erin Boyd on vocals

To Be Continued... - with Matteo Scammell on vocals


Steve Globs 4/6/2024 3:53:08 PM

"A little over a week after being able to witness this magical night, and after many relistens, I feel I can give a proper review of this show First off, I refused to listen to tDB for years, but when I finally decided to sit down and listen to 5/22/23 I had seen the light. Went head first 'tism into the archives, fell in love with everything from the early days with Sammy up to this current run of insanity that started late '22, finally got to see them for both nights of the Oct. 23 Cap run and 5/29 was show 4 for me, and honestly it seemed like just as special of a night to the old heads as it did to all of us new b4l. I've heard chatter about lack of type II jams, and while slightly true, it was proper exploratory, tension and release filled, risk taking jamming all throughout. This is a band that's about to be 30 years in, dropping a new album and can play a show with only those songs. Name me another band, jam band or otherwise thats that far into their career and can play a show with ONLY new music, not to mention have it be celebrated to this extent. 30 year old bands will almost only have to rely on nostalgia songs because new songs won't hit the same. We're really witnessing something special rn. This is the first time I'm really getting to see a band in one of "those" era's, this is really the time to stop listening to the naysayers and give them a chance, SIYD"

Biscuit Please! 4/4/2024 3:19:39 PM

"Show of the year on Nugs. By a mile. Incredible music!"

King Bisco III 4/4/2024 9:23:09 AM

"This is one of the best Biscuits shows that I have ever seen. The performance is spectacular! And to hear the opera jammed out in its entirety was a sight to behold. This is an amazing show that must be played often and loud! "

PR0MQUEEN 4/3/2024 7:44:47 AM

"Woke up today and can confirm Friday was one of the best nights of my life. This show is the pinnacle of excellence and while I was beyond stoked for this album/opera release since the songs first started emerging… the band performed at a level I didn’t even know was possible. Listen to it end to end, you’ll be sorry if you don’t."

Matt Vbg 4/2/2024 10:31:19 AM

"Still riding the high from this show! So blessed to have been there and to share this experience with my friends and tour family. What an amazing performance! Looking forward to many more! B4L"


Setlist at Webster Hall, New York, NY on Mar 29, 2024

Set One

Crowd 75


Shocked 1510


The Wormhole 990


Twisted in the Road 1245


Another Plan Of Attack 1126


Times Square 841


Freeze 800


Set Two

Tourists (Rocket Ship) 1170


Spaga's Last Stand 955


Who's In Charge 908


The Deal 1083


Space Train 651


One Chance To Save The World 703


Why We Dance 452


To Be Continued... 613


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