The Disco Biscuits

XL Live - Southside Stage

Harrisburg, PA

Sep 9, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

I: Crystal Ball, Another Plan of Attack-> Twisted in the Road (inverted)-> Another Plan of Attack-> I-Man

II: Little Shimmy in a Conga Line-> Orch Theme-> The Wormhole-> One Chance-> Abraxas (inverted)-> Little Shimmy in a Conga Line

E: Miracles

Multitrack source: Mixed and mastered by Rich Steele

Photo by Skylarwatkinsmedia


Spiral8 9/1/2023 4:03:31 PM

"After a warm up crystal ball, the rest of set 1 is top tier biscuits. The inverted TITR is legendary for good reason. And the Iman is so unique and perfect to end the set. Truly great biscuits. "

BiscoCity 2/17/2023 3:04:38 AM

"1 of the best shows of 2022! Multitrack mix by Rich S takes this incredible show to an even higher level. Expertly played, jams weaving in out "

SalivatingPork-Chop_Mase 1/18/2023 8:02:41 AM

"Barbz teases time square riff in the APOA reprise after the lyrics leading into the jam. Great show"

Orc 12/8/2022 6:00:47 AM

"A fav show of ‘22, new MultiTrack Mix is a major upgrade over the previous mix. Fantastic show start to finish, Orch is def must hear! "

Rager 9/12/2022 11:13:28 PM

"Awesome show! S2 is a straight up dance party, so great. Whole show is a rager! "


Setlist at XL Live - Southside Stage, Harrisburg, PA on Sep 9, 2022

Set One

Crowd 72


Crystal Ball 559


Another Plan Of Attack 960


Twisted in the Road 1287


Another Plan Of Attack 934


I-man 1381


Set Two

Crowd 71


Little Shimmy In A Conga Line 977


Orch Theme 1018


The Wormhole 915


One Chance 894


Abraxas 625


Little Shimmy In A Conga Line 411



Miracles 596


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