The Disco Biscuits

Yarmouth Drive-In

Cape Cod, MA

Oct 18, 2020

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About Formats
About Formats

Tyler 10/27/2020 11:43:12 AM

"Astro>KOTW>WLTP>Astro is amazing. "

Biscuit42 10/23/2020 2:01:45 PM

"This was definitely the chiller show of the run. I love me some chill Biscuits!!!set1 kicks off with Rivers! Shout to Babs baby! This is a sick version Magz has some sick sounds on this one! I wanted to hear a Jigsaw! I love the reggae vibe and chill of the song then picks up steam and to Allen’s drum solo! pretty dope! Aceetobee>Spectacle was nice! Set 2 a big stand alone Spaga! Then the meat of the show... Astro>KOTW>WLTP>Astro was a sick sequence! Morph is always welcome in my book! And 42 to seal this Sunday laid back Biscuit show! Grateful this band is playing shows right now and showed mad love to Cape Cod! Never thought they would be like 20min away from me casa! Special shows without a doubt! I fucking love this band!!! Cape Bisco!?????? ??"


Setlist at Yarmouth Drive-In, Cape Cod, MA on Oct 18, 2020

Set One

Rivers 653


Jigsaw Earth 1449


Aceetobee 931


Spectacle 585


Set Two

Spaga 1365


Astronaut 864


King of The World 745


We Like To Party 939


Astronaut 130


Morph Dusseldorf 722



42 728


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