The Radiators


New Orleans, LA

Apr 28, 2005

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • private party

  • The Krewe Of SNAFU and The Radiators Present: "Foid Where Prohibited"

  • Soundboard / patchbay > Lunatec V3 (+10db, 16bit/ 44.1kHz) dig.out > Tascam DA-P1 DAT master Sony PCM-2600 / DAT master > RME Digi96/8Pro / SoundForge 7.0 (record, trim & fades) / CDWave / FLAC

  • recorded by Jon Hart (V3 provided by ericv) / transfer & tracking by ericv

  • photos by Jon Hart
  • Reviews

    Scooby 5/25/2005 12:49:01 PM

    "I ordered the Snafu CD & received it 3 days later - it came in a trifold cardboard cd holder ( type & environmentally friendly) It was 3 cd`s for $23 (no shipping as they use the USPS) I gotta tell ya I am very happy as not only did I get some of the best music on earth played by a band that I am friends with, there were my friends names on the back cover who collaborated in helping this get produced so quickly. Its like being a part owner of a major league rock n roll band that everyone has a part interest in. thanks to ev, jon hart, mr jurick,kingsley & kenny for doing such a good job . "

    Lex 5/12/2005 7:58:14 AM

    ""The Fish Head Music it will be unlimited,tonight it`s Foid Where Prohibited" Who`s on 1st ? What`s on 2nd ? It`s all child`s play because THE FU IS ON YOU. Five tool players Foided up & ripped like gods come a bashing down the fences with 500 foot bombs. All with nothing more then a "No.2 Pencil" in the hand. Quite a wand indeed. Only a few steps and the remnants of the Smokin Hole lay between The Radiators and that "Green River" on 4/28/05. "Im So Glad" every jazzfest around the "Fall Of Dark" it`s "Automatic." "When This Battle Is Over" yeah you right "I got to find somebody" because I`ll get to the "Fountains Of Neptune" some sweet day. "Jesus Is On The Mainline" and I called him up. All he said was "Keep On Poppin That Shine." And so it was. Zeke & ye Shall Find. "SNAFU You" is the order of the day. Your mind will bend like the river, or visa versa, "it depends on wherever you`re at." Like the famous Decatur Street poet Mavis Dalone` once said, "they should have boats on the Mississippi in every state." I can only hope to approach such a level of omnipotence by begging you to Enjoy The FU in each and every state. Capice ? This show is a gem, a kalidescope, a triple diamond, a guitar lesson, it`s whatever your fate intended it to be for you YA Fu. It may change your life. All rights reserved, "foid where prohibited." Enjoy with "White Port Lemon Juice," yowzers what it do to/for you. Teach Fish Head Music & Eat Forever Lex" 5/10/2005 2:52:40 PM



    Setlist at Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA on Apr 28, 2005

    Set One

    Intro 126


    Green River 418


    Hittin' On Nothing 286


    Spider And The Fly 455


    Number Two Pencil 729


    Grief SNAFU 499


    Under My Thumb 500


    Stilletto 325


    I'm So Glad 368


    It's All Over Now 405


    Fall Of Dark 449


    Put The FU On You 522


    Set Two

    Intro 145


    Sylvie 607


    Automatic 391


    SNAFU You 355


    When The Battle Is Over 443


    Mess Around 415


    Fountains Of Neptune 529


    Jesus On The Mainline 429


    Keep On Poppin' That Shine 362


    calling them back 35



    Sloop John B 376


    Magic Bus 493


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