The White Stripes

Brixton Academy

London, ENG

Jan 30, 2004

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
mixed and mastered by Bill Skibbe, Third Man Mastering
live sound by Matthew Kettle

Returning to the city where Elephant was recorded, Brixton Academy joins the Masonic in Detroit and the Aragon in Chicago as one of the three venues to get a repeat visit on the Elephant tour. Having previously broadcast a performance at the Academy when they last visited in April 2003, the release here closes the gap of 2004 being the only year when they played in the UK not to have some kind of “Live in London” out there.  Like the December 2001 broadcast, where the band had also played London earlier in that tour and then came back for a closing show, this show feels a lot like a radio broadcast that never was, a perfect encore performance capturing the band putting on a near-flawless set. After the openers of Black Math and Dead Leaves, Jack greets the crowd with "London! Our home away from home!" and it’s right into When I Hear My Name, which features an impromptu verse from George M. Cohan’s The Yankee Doodle Boy, complete with Jack modifying the lyrics to reference his own birthday "A real life nephew of my Uncle Sam, Born on the 9th of July!".  While the UK had adopted them as family, an unabashed reminder of their American roots. The ending of the song features a frantic run of soloing with the whammy, which like the inclusion of Leadbelly's Redbird in I Think I Smell A Rat, is proof of just how much they still had left in the tank, even as they prepared to close out the tour.  Listen for Jack singing along to the end of In the Cold Cold Night, and Meg returning the favor by again singing along during This Protector, where you can just about hear a pin drop in the venue. The main set goes out heavy with Ball and Biscuit, with amateur video of the performance showing Jack close the song by thrashing around next to Meg’s kit, even knocking a stand over, before going to the floor and letting the feedback ring out as he leaves the stage.  Before Seven Nation Army, Jack asks "Is everybody friends with the person next to them? You make sure of that now. Cuz Meg and I aren't leaving until every one of you get a friend on either side of you, okay?”  The version of Seven Nation Army here features the opening line of "I'm gonna kiss 'em off" which was unique to the three London shows. Before closing with Boll Weevil, Jack introduces it as “an old song”, as if now officially able to refer to the days before Elephant as being from another time in the band's history.  Even though this is the end of the tour, they leave the stage letting the crowd know that they won’t be gone too long: “We'll see you guys at Reading and Leeds festivals in August, all right?"

fathertypo 2/15/2024 10:27:32 AM

"dead leaves is particularly peachy"


Setlist at Brixton Academy, London, ENG on Jan 30, 2004

Set One

Black Math 189


Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground 168


When I Hear My Name 74


Yankee Doodle Dandy 11


When I Hear My Name (reprise) 51


Jolene 241


I'm Finding It Harder To Be A Gentleman 162


I Think I Smell a Rat 72


Red Bird 25


I Think I Smell A Rat (Reprise) 78


In The Cold, Cold Night 222


Hotel Yorba 128


Truth Doesn't Make A Noise 165


Look Me Over Closely 136


Let’s Shake Hands 118


Small Faces 187


Death Letter 345


This Protector 123


We're Going To Be Friends 149


Offend In Every Way 136


The Hardest Button to Button 210


Ball And Biscuit 601


You’re Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl) 103


Hello Operator 140


I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself 175


Seven Nation Army 249


Boll Weevil 290


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