The White Stripes

Promowest Pavilion

Columbus, OH

Nov 12, 2003

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About Formats
Show Notes

Similar to the previous night in Indianapolis, where the show ended with Jack thanking the city of Houston, he takes the joke a step further in Columbus, referring to different cities throughout the show (Boise, Des Moines, Akron).  Given the band’s long history of playing in Ohio, it’s safe to say that they’re clearly glad to be back and are in good spirits, as this is an excellent performance, with energy to spare. Many of the songs get an extra dose of enthusiasm, particularly in the vocals. While they were surely looking forward to the end of the tour, and pushing back against the fatigue of touring, there’s certainly no sign of it here. Listen to the version of I Think I Smell a Rat, where Jack throws in the line “Video Games! Tattoos! Body Piercings! I think I smell a rat!” – a comment on some of the distractions of the day. He’d insert this line again at New York on 11/18.  During Let's Shake Hands he adds in the line "Well you can do what you wanna do Meg….we've been playing this song for 6 years! So say my name!" As if in amazement of how long they had been together and how long they had been on tour by this point. Or listen to the must hear version of Hello Operator, where Jack sings one of the verses through the guitar pickup in his Airline.  Or Little Bird, where he sings the "When I get you home" lines while toggling the pickup selector on the Kay to cut the sound in and out, mimic’ing the stutter effect with his voice.  This show also features a rare outing of Now Mary, the second of only two performances on the Elephant tour (the other was at Sydney 10/10), which in turn segues into a welcome appearance of Sugar Never Tasted So Good.  After the encores of Little Room, the Joss Stone version of Fell In Love With a Girl, Apple Blossom, and I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself, where they’ve kept the energy they had at the beginning of the show all the way through to the end, they break the pattern of ending the show with Boll Weevil and instead close with Seven Nation Army, with the intro "Okay Akron, you've been very nice to us. My sister is very pleased, and I'm very happy too!".  Like the night before, the show closes with a wail feedback ringing out as the band leave the stage, the now official “ending” to each show that would follow on the tour from here.



Setlist at Promowest Pavilion, Columbus, OH on Nov 12, 2003

Set One

Black Math 181


Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground 164


I Think I Smell a Rat 141


Jolene 203


When I Hear My Name 117


Cannon 69


John The Revelator 33


Cannon (reprise) 37


Love Sick 243


The Hardest Button to Button 221


Wasting My Time 151


Hotel Yorba 129


You’re Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl) 94


Hello Operator 155


Lord, Send Me An Angel 191


Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine 216


I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother's Heart 198


Death Letter 345


Little Bird 198


The Same Boy You've Always Known 178


In The Cold, Cold Night 217


Offend In Every Way 167


Now Mary 111


Sugar Never Tasted So Good 187


Let’s Shake Hands 116


Ball And Biscuit 758


Little Room 48


Fell In Love With a Girl 78


Apple Blossom 120


I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself 187


Seven Nation Army 328


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