Health and Harmony Festival

Santa Rosa, CA

Jun 12, 2009

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Show Notes
  • Recorded and Mixed By Charlie Miller
  • Photo's by Janice Wulf

Dan (Bundy) 7/25/2010 3:12:03 AM

"ALO must have show with Steve Kimock sitting in on guitar. This was a latenight set at the Harmony festival which ALO played a set on the main stage earlier that afternoon. First they bust into a Zack Gill song "Don't touch my stuff" which has this island reggae feel to it and Gill's keyboard and vocals shine in this one. Bass player Steve Adams breaks a string and the band plays cosmic "String changing music" while he strings up a new one. Next was "I love music" and this song stands as ALO testament that it does too. Lebo and Kimock both go lap steel during "Shine" and it does shine alright. Then the boyz take Steve through ALO fan favorites like the ukulele friendly "Plastic Bubble" or the ever funky "Possibly Drown" and the west coast college anthem "Wasting Time" before finishing with Dave Brogan song "Infinite Eye" leading into a B-day cheer and cake from fans to finish the show. This bands light shine's brighter every day. All four guys are singer/songwriters in this group and they are one of the most vocally pleasing bands to listen to these days. This coming from a former Massachusetts native."


Setlist at Health and Harmony Festival, Santa Rosa, CA on Jun 12, 2009

Set One

introduction 65


Don't Touch My Stuff 374


String Changing Music 159


I Love Music 758


Gardener 778


Shine 408


Plastic Bubble 619


Possibly Drown 469


Wasting Time 926


Spectrum 479


The Infinite Eye 888


Happy Birthday Brogan 107


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