Counting Crows

Tweeter Center

Boston, MA

Aug 2, 2008

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About Formats
About Formats

JimF 8/10/2008 6:58:27 PM

"Great Show! Like the above reviewer, I have seen CC many times over the years, and this was a terrific performance. I was with someone who hadn't ever seen Crows live, and I let her know how amazing they were that night. This was the best I have ever seen them in New England, and one of the best ever! Thanks Adam! Thanks everyone! What a great show! I was thrilled to be there."

Bill 8/9/2008 4:37:45 AM

"I have seen the crows a dozen time starting with AAEA tour.... this show was by far one of the best i have seen. from an unusual opening of Rain King (with Mr. Jones Rap inserted) and Mrs. Potters Lullaby to great picks off the new album to the closing of Long December the band was tight and full of energy. I am still debating whether a CC show is better when Adam is in a relationship or coming out of one, but this show put a check mark in the "in relationship" column. Just from listening to the first shows offered, this looks to be one of their best tours ever....."


Setlist at Tweeter Center, Boston, MA on Aug 2, 2008

Set One

Intro 162


Rain King 391


Mrs. Potter's Lullaby 466


Insignificant 246


Mr. Jones 315


When I Dream Of Michelangelo 188


Children In Bloom 520


Los Angeles 276


Ghost Train 342


Hanging Tree 220


A Murder Of One 700


A Long December 399


Community Outreach Program 156


Walkaways 57


Outreach 33


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