9:30 Club

Washington, DC

Nov 8, 2019

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About Formats
About Formats

Layton Lee Jive 2/11/2024 4:07:56 PM

"Another short and sweet one set show that's impossible to hate"

G.Chronico 10/1/2020 11:15:26 AM

"Witnessing this in person and listening to it over and over again, I can honestly say this was one of my favorite supportive sets by GOose. Sunsquabi headlines but their was a heavy goose fanbase in attendance (listen to the intro). Tons of energy right out the gate with tastf song selection for both fan bases. "


Setlist at 9:30 Club, Washington, DC on Nov 8, 2019

Set One

Introduction 39


Flodown 568


Arcadia 607


Creatures 890


Inside Out 700


Tumble 823


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