Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival

Manchester, TN

Jun 17, 2022

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About Formats
Show Notes

Coach's Notes

Fish In The Sea -  Fat Freddy’s Drop
Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant
The Empress Of Organos - Peter told the crowd we only had time for one more and said “be friendly to one another, it’s cool to be kind”

This was a late-night set from 1-3am at ‘This Tent’


didtheyjamanimal 9/9/2022 6:50:45 AM

"Bonnaroo was amazing back in 2002. Goose blew the roof off the tent but could have gone deeper into that animal to really send this one into outerspace!"

Aubrey 7/27/2022 5:12:42 PM

"Hands down best set at Roo22 Best vibe. Best sound. Best lights. You wish you were there"

Drewby 7/8/2022 5:56:26 AM

"Will go down as one of the most memorable sets of music I’ll ever see. Thanks boys. "

DC 6/30/2022 5:27:23 PM

"That Electric Avenue is about as groovy as it gets. Love what this band's doing!"

Jordan F 6/24/2022 4:02:32 PM

"Goose, I feel as if your music speaks to me at a cellular level. It’s as if your sounds are my physiology…. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. As always, thank you for everything. "


Setlist at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, Manchester, TN on Jun 17, 2022

Set One

Hot Tea 971


Animal 419


Dripfield 772


Slow Ready 642


Fish In The Sea 694


Arcadia 958


Creatures 927


Arrow 981


Electric Avenue 417


The Empress of Organos 864


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