Bridgeport, CT

Oct 26, 2018

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About Formats
Show Notes

Netflox & Chill - Goosebusters (Night 1 of 2) 

Set 1: Ghostbusters Intro > Count Down+ > Cleaning Up the Town@, Butter Rum, Jive ll > Yeti > On Our Own > Indian River# , All I Need 

Set 2: Elmer Theme > Wysteria° > Disco Inferno > So Ready^* > Ghostbusters Theme Song% 

Coaches Notes: 

+ Spuds counted down. 

@Tweeks had a vocal part, & it was great! 

# Indian River was played in a minor key, which made it a bit spooky sounding, very fitting with the Halloween vibe. The Segway into IR was seem-less. 

° Dedicated to Mike Dubois for his Birthday 

* Halloween Theme Tease 

^ At the end of Disco Inferno, as they went into So Ready, they played the ending of the song before starting it (I’m pretty positive). 

% Spuds sang “Busting makes me feel good” at the end of the GB theme song. 

This was Goose’s first ‘2 night run’ in our home area (FFLD County) which is really Fred. The bar was jam packed w/ fans dressed up in Halloween ?? costumes, all having a great time. 

Fun Fact: The World series was in extra innings during the second set. 

Set 1 Start time 10:30pm ended @ 11:46pm 

Set 2 Start time 12:05am ended @ 1:17am 

Cover Art Design by Peter Anspach

Photo by Josh Smith


MakisupaMarty 5/1/2021 6:26:17 PM

"Can’t believe no reviews on this show! Top Wysteria! "


Setlist at BRYAC, Bridgeport, CT on Oct 26, 2018

Set One

Joe Mango Welcome Speech 78


Ghosbusters Introduction 96


Cleanin Up The Town 333


Butter Rum 509


Jive II 589


Yeti 562


On Our Own 540


Indian River 671


All I Need 916


Set Two

Elmer Theme 88


Wysteria Lane 1292


Disco Inferno 761


So Ready 643


Ghostbusters 789


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