Cascade Equinox Festival

Redmond, OR

Sep 24, 2023

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About Formats
Show Notes

Coach’s Notes:
Arrow - Unfinished.
Can’t Get You Out Of My Head - Kiley Minogue.


KatfishJohn 11/13/2023 12:00:21 PM

"You’ll be hard pressed to find a better Goose show than this one, IMHO. Top to bottom, it’s just an outstanding, high-energy performance. Some might even say an instant classic. The band is like a finely-tuned race car, floating in and out of turns and full throttle down the straightaways, with one peak-filled jam after another. Rick’s soloing is sharp, creative and incandescent. Check out the jam at the end of Hungersite, for example, which evolves into a unique melodic groove that is sure to bring a smile (it does for me, every time). Or as Peter remarks after SOS, just “fire.” Yes, the Goose boys were having fun this night, in the middle of a hot streak, and they knew it. Highly recommended."

Mark P 9/28/2023 11:14:27 AM

"Goose in central Oregon at a festival. Vibes overload. Worth a few replays. This the Goose equivalent of those Colorado Orebolo shows that go way beyond the setlist appeal."

Pam b 9/27/2023 2:25:23 PM

"So randomly catching up listening at work— I really needed that 726 but besides that man I love this band!!!! Yesassss ????"

Grateful Pfled 9/26/2023 12:11:13 PM

"I think I burnt my mouth on this scorching HOT tea. Holy shit Rick!"

Brother I’m Here to Stay 9/26/2023 9:31:51 AM

"This felt historic. The guy behind me had never seen them before, and asked “is it always like this?” And it didn’t feel like an exaggeration when I told him that this is the best show they’ve ever played. "


Setlist at Cascade Equinox Festival, Redmond, OR on Sep 24, 2023

Set One

Hot Tea 1272


Silver Rising 562


Arrow 1307


Into the Myst 490


Can't Get You Out of My Head 653


Hungersite 1077


SOS 902


726 540


Arcadia 685


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