Electric Ballroom

London, UK

Nov 19, 2023

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About Formats
Show Notes

Rock The Casbah - The Clash.
Fish In The Sea - Fat Freddy's Drop.
Shama Lama Ding Dong - Otis Day and The Knights.


Benjamin Charlton 12/4/2023 12:13:50 AM

"Was on the rail Peter side and is one of my fav shows ever attended ( so far in my Goose journey). The song selection and flow is amazing, but especially the second set. Fish in the Sea > Red Bird > Moby > Arcadia is straight fire for 50 min. Unreal. A celebratory Empress Shama sandwich to close. Perfection. "

Jack õ¿õ 11/22/2023 5:00:13 PM

"There is Arcadia and then there is ::this:: ARCADIA"

Whalien 11/22/2023 4:22:58 PM

"This show was the ultimate UK rager. I hate to say it, but these mixes barely capture the perfection of this show. We need Peter back on the post-show mixing boards. I so miss his mixes or at least get him to train someone. The Hot Tea, Redbird, and Empress > Shama > Empress were top tier Goose. I was at the show and this mix just scratches the surface of how amazing this show was. Felt like a stream train rolling down the track and nothing could stop it. Godbless Goose!"

Big Danny 11/21/2023 2:09:25 PM

"Full throttle power and finesse. The entire band seemed genuinely thrilled to be playing. Peter had the crowd in his hands. It was worth the trip from Key West to see this show. "

Bob 11/21/2023 12:40:28 PM

"Just wonderful! What a band!!! It was electric!!! "


Setlist at Electric Ballroom, London, UK on Nov 19, 2023

Set One

Arrow 1247


Borne 412


Lead Up 369


Rock The Casbah 276


Slow Ready 757


Silver Rising 562


Hot Tea 1125


Set Two

Fish In The Sea 735


Red Bird 1052


Moby 230


Arcadia 967


The Empress of Organos 264


Shama Lama Ding Dong 328


The Empress of Organos 531


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