Electric Forest

Rothbury, MI

Jun 25, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Look out Cleveland tease in Madhuvan
Can't Get You Out of My Head - Kylie Minogue


Dr Honk 7/1/2023 5:37:36 PM

"That was the best Mad ever for me. Also, a pancake sammich??? Amazing, guys...."

Mark P 6/27/2023 6:32:51 PM

"Nice tidy festival set with just the right blend of jams and hooks to showcase the mass appeal these guys just strut out show after show."

Spunion 6/27/2023 5:58:02 AM

"Absolutely crushed this one! Had a few first timers come down to the set, and now they're 100% sold on Goose ??"

Josh P 6/26/2023 9:38:53 PM

"These boys know how to make a festival set. This show is straight ??"

Sauder420 6/26/2023 8:00:06 PM

"Great set for the time they had…but we all know an hour and forty five minutes just isn’t enough time for these guys. "


Setlist at Electric Forest, Rothbury, MI on Jun 25, 2023

Set One

Creatures 918


Madhuvan 1453


Pancakes 353


Can't Get You Out of My Head 633


Pancakes 187


Animal 717


Hot Tea 823


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