Hampton Coliseum

Hampton, VA

Dec 8, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Coach's Notes:
All I Need - Began as slow, melodic version and switched to “fast” version after the first chorus.
Mirrors - Justin Timberlake. FTP.
Tumble -  Vibey Tumble. Played with regular Tumble composed section and jam.
Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson. FTP.
Fire - Jimi Hendrix. With Pyro. FTP.
Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon. With Pyro. FTP. 
Arrow - Unfinished. With Pyro.
Burning Down the House - Talking Heads. With Pyro.
Slow Ready - Jam only

Show Notes: This show was part of Goosemas X aka Goosemas. In Space! Set One was a Mirror planet named "Echochrome". Set Two was a Fire planet named "Inferno Prime". Before/after each set, the ship landed and took off. Burning Down the House was played for the first time since May 20, 2017.


Layton Lee Jive 1/10/2024 9:18:25 PM

"don't listen to the negative reviews on this show man, not for the next night's show either man. Mos def one of the best I've heard the boys play. Lil sheisty when you first start listening because the sound quality isn't perfect like us here at Nugs are used to hearing, but I promise you get over it quick. An for people who are talking bad in the reviews about their playing or Dini's editing skills, isn't a true fan."

Liz 12/29/2023 5:20:44 AM

"Tumble is the shizz.Gives me goose ( haha) bumps !!! Every time!!!"

Katie g. 12/23/2023 4:03:34 PM

"I love you goose! Thanks for the space adventure"

FIYA! 12/18/2023 9:05:59 AM

"some serious heaters and awesome covers in the mix."

Jameson 12/15/2023 10:31:47 AM

"Mirrors jam!! ?????? yuppp!!"


Setlist at Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA on Dec 8, 2023

Set One

Earthling or Alien? 646


All I Need 886


Mirrors 1379


Tumble 1269


Man in the Mirror 383


Set Two

Fire! 326


Creatures 1312


(dawn) 627


Sex On Fire 226


Butter Rum 710


Arrow 1078


Burning Down The House 649



So Ready 281


Slow Ready 363


Hot Tea 1103


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