Leader Bank Pavilion

Boston, MA

Sep 14, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

All I Need - LP Giobbi. First time played.


Layton Lee Jive (oshie the dog/Frayzie/moondog/charlie countryman) 2/14/2024 8:56:45 PM

"this is a solid show all the way through no doubt, highlights mos def in that Thatch. Dripfield was beautiful as it always is with a killer jam, as it always does. Personally every show Goose has ever played or ever will play is going to be magic to me, I was a head for 10 years, checked Panic out for a few months, but I really needed a new band. These boys are both new to me and new to the game! 10 years isn't that long especially when you consider that they've only been the Goose we know and love for a few years. Anyway, I love this band so much, thank you Nugs, you're beautiful!"

Wolfman’s brother 9/23/2023 11:30:52 AM

"Thatch is the must listen to! Great show throughout "

JK All Day 9/20/2023 7:46:02 AM

"Everything Must Go with the Gold Star of the two nights "

Jordan F 9/19/2023 5:10:21 PM

"This whole show is fire. Wow. Off to a fantastic start to this Fall tour!!"

Mr. “Re”Action 9/18/2023 6:39:43 AM

"Am I crazy or were there some TWEEZER teases in that EARTHLING jam?!!"


Setlist at Leader Bank Pavilion, Boston, MA on Sep 14, 2023

Set One

Dr. Darkness 492


California Magic 496


Lead the Way 637


Lead Up 376


Earthling or Alien? 1384


The Empress of Organos 1021


Set Two

All I Need 823


Thatch 1276


Everything Must Go 1004


Feel It Now 707


Dripfield 1141



Hot Tea 928


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