Levitate Music Festival

Marshfield, MA

Jul 8, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats

Dr Honk 7/17/2023 11:40:15 AM

"Man, Goose just gets better and better every year. Hope they come to The Orion in Huntsville, AL. Phish just blasted it out in that venue...Goose would bring the house down, I'm sure."

Goosefamily 7/10/2023 6:56:14 AM

"First show for my kiddos (2&4), and they loved it. My son was hoping for a pancakes, but still had a blast dancing. Lots of family fun to be had. Arrow > No Rain was AWESOME! The end of Arrow made way for a nice breeze, cutting into the HOT afternoon that turned a bit overcast. And no rain seemed appropriate for the weather. Perfect conditions for the day. All I Need is one of my favorites! Was hoping for more of that build-up energy from Arcadia. Great show overall! GOOOOSE!!"

Goosefam 7/10/2023 6:31:07 AM

"My second show, and my kids first time seeing Goose. My son and I were hoping for some pancakes, but alas. They really brought up the energy. Arrow> No Rain was tight. ALL I NEED, always a favorite of mine, did NOT disappoint. Would have liked a bit more out of the Arcadia finish. Love that build up, but I agree with another poster that I think time got the best of them. Sad I missed SPAC, as I'm from Saratoga, and sold my tickets cause family was going to Levitate, but hope that it's released as an LP later. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE!"

Jeff benanto 7/9/2023 5:18:25 PM

"My first Goose show! Yes, it was a festy set, and yes it was post-SPAC midday, but they still brought solid energy and put together what was probably the ideal setlist for the levitate crowd."

Ashleigh 7/9/2023 3:36:38 PM

"Undefeated. All I Need is fire. "


Setlist at Levitate Music Festival, Marshfield, MA on Jul 8, 2023

Set One

Echo of a Rose 685


Turned Clouds 707


Arrow 1147


No Rain 567


All I Need 928


Arcadia 777


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