Marquee Theatre

Tempe, AZ

Jan 26, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Set One: Atlas {1}, Lead the Way, Jive I > Butter Rum, Electric Avenue {2}, SOS > Slow Ready

Set Two: Dr. Darkness {3}, Elizabeth {4}, Tumble, A Western Sun, (dawn) {5}

Encore: Mustang Sally {6}

{1} The Wood Brothers

{2} Eddy Grant, Black Hot Soup by King Gizzard teases 

{3} Original, Debut

{4} Bingo Tour Theme and Mad World teases

{5} First time played separate from SOS

{6} Mack Rice, Rick told the story of the last time in Tempe when we opened the show with Mustang and no one knew who we were.


Layton Lee Jive 1/17/2024 5:51:21 PM

"Elizabeth and Tumble are definitely my favorites from this show. Both of them always have some funk finessen jammies, neither of them ever disappoint "

B Slippy 11/2/2023 4:18:17 PM

"Dawn is a song!"

937Funk 8/9/2023 8:23:45 PM

"Fav electric avenue! Fire!"

Yimmy Yames 9/4/2022 4:22:17 AM

"(dawn) such a great song HONK!"

BobbyJ 2/14/2022 1:16:14 PM

"Seen Goose a few times and they def bring some of their jams to the next level. I felt like this show was not as exciting as other Goose shows I’ve attended but attribute that mostly to a slower song selection. Why they ever play Slow Ready continues to amaze me when So Ready is so much stronger"


Setlist at Marquee Theatre, Tempe, AZ on Jan 26, 2022

Set One

Atlas 798


Lead the Way 732


Jive I 588


Butter Rum 430


Electric Avenue 851


S.O.S. 227


Slow Ready 754


Set Two

Dr. Darkness 469


Elizabeth 1210


Tumble 1421


A Western Sun 466


(dawn) 827



Mustang Sally 892


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