Miller High Life Theatre

Milwaukee, WI

Sep 17, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

 All I Need - Slow, melodic version. With Secret Agent Man tease from Rick and Peter.

Into The Myst - Unfinished.

Echo of a Rose - Fast version. Unfinished.

Take On Me - A-ha.


Jp 10/22/2023 8:29:02 PM

"I was in attendance for this show. My first goose show and only off the tour but it was a pure face melter. That tumble jam?????? Not much else u can say other than listen to find out what made it great but it was pure gold. Cant wait for what the future brings them"

Aaron 10/14/2023 12:40:06 PM

"Mr. Re Action is correct. This show doesn't compare to detroit...its much better. This show flows better than most shows I've listened to. Elizabeth is gorgeous. All I need is brilliant. Myst > echo > take on me is a masterpiece. I honestly feel that people judge shows on setlists and length, instead of quality and structure. This show was masterfully crafted from beginning to end, and it's ranked as one of the best shows of the tour for good reason. This is a show I'd play for anyone who doesn't know goose and wants to know what they're all about. 10/10. "

Mr. [Re]Action 9/25/2023 3:38:42 AM

"Do not feel like they have missed yet on this tour… this doesn’t compare to Detroit (but not much would) still solid "

Spencer 9/24/2023 7:06:28 PM

"First goose show. Made me fall in love with the band. Here’s to many more to come "

Anderson 9/24/2023 6:46:29 PM

"This show was SHIT HOT!!! Wow!"


Setlist at Miller High Life Theatre, Milwaukee, WI on Sep 17, 2023

Set One

Jive I 722


Elizabeth 754


Not Alone 415


All I Need 1114


Seekers On The Ridge pt. I 384


Seekers On The Ridge pt. II 326


So Ready 898


Set Two

Into the Myst 993


Echo of a Rose 733


Take On Me 450


Bob Don 464


Doobie Song 490


Tumble 1256



White Lights 500


Loose Ends 236


White Lights 103


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