Neptune Theatre

Seattle, WA

Feb 5, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Set 1: Butter Rum, Your Ocean, Hot Tea , Borne {1}, Honeybee {2}, Fish In The Sea {3}

Set 2: Yeti > Into The Myst, The Old Man’s Boat, Jeff Engborg {4}, Seekers On The Ridge pt I >  Seekers On The Ridge pt II, The Empress of Organos

Encore: Don’t Do It {5}

Coach’s Notes:

{1} 2001 Teases 

{2} JonL on rainstick

{3} Fat Freddy’s Drop 

{4} Great Blue, FTP. Mini Mall Jam, LTP 6.26.20, Redding, CT •  Bingo Tour

{5} The Band 


bostonron 5/16/2022 5:41:22 PM

"Super fun setlist. Sleeper show no one ever mentions "

Sparkie 3/4/2022 6:11:37 PM

"First show. What a band - wow!! - all the feels and fire - can’t stop listening to the empress of organos - what a building, wailing, heater of a guitar solo. "

Name 3/1/2022 2:31:48 PM

"That Jeff Engborg is awesome!! We need more great blue song like that and Lily's tiger ! Great song from Peter other band !!"

Loosey Goosey 2/25/2022 1:57:00 PM

"HEATER of a show! Gets better each listen!!"

shamalamadingdong 2/11/2022 8:05:49 PM

"heater of a show in a kick ass venue… hoping for 2 nights next time through WA… would love a show in Spokane too. love seeing these guys carrying the torch for many, many years to come ??????"


Setlist at Neptune Theatre, Seattle, WA on Feb 5, 2022

Set One

Butter Rum 625


Your Ocean 505


Hot Tea 1048


Borne 1156


Honeybee 493


Fish In The Sea 751


Set Two

Yeti 751


Into the Myst 543


The Old Man's Boat 929


Jeff Engborg 727


Seekers On The Ridge pt. I 390


Seekers On The Ridge pt. II 353


The Empress of Organos 1408



Don't Do It 561


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