Newport Folk Festival - Late Night

Newport, RI

Jul 22, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Set 1: Drive, Arrow, Silver Rising, Slow Ready, Atlantic City {1}, Don’t Do It {2}, Animal, 726, Madhuvan 

Coach’s Notes: 

{1} Bruce Springsteen, with Special guest Taylor Goldsmith from Dawes on guitar 

{2} The Band, with Special guest Taylor Goldsmith from Dawes on guitar 

This first three songs were picked from randomly out of a cup filled with songs from the catalog 


Didtheyjamanimal 9/9/2022 6:22:26 AM

"Super cool small venue. Would have loved to have been there. They came so close to jamming out that animal. seeing Goose in a small venue is a thing of the past."

Jordan F 8/4/2022 1:03:49 PM

"Listening to the crowd sing along to Arrow gives me chills! Love ya, Goose. See ya in Vegas Greek Dallas!!! "

Claire 7/28/2022 6:54:12 AM

"Sound quality might not be best on Nugs, but to be there "

Zeus 7/28/2022 6:07:19 AM

"Show was great, this mix is perfect I wanted to hear more of the crowd since it was such an intimate set and having been there I liked to close my eyes and be back there. If you’re into Goose for just the music god bless you but there’s a lot more to it than that. Folk fest into Blues Cafe was just an amazing day that we’re lucky to have experienced, grateful they put up soundboards I would’ve been happy with just the memories! Love Peters Jazz Cafe slip up turned into them calling us jazz cats all night. Love this band and crew!"

Stfu 7/27/2022 2:54:40 PM

"Good drive and solid set. Lady at the beginning is the worst kind of person"


Setlist at Newport Folk Festival - Late Night, Newport, RI on Jul 22, 2022

Set One

Drive 1292


Arrow 897


Silver Rising 587


So Ready 695


Atlantic City 453


Don't Do It 675


Animal 496


726 583


Madhuvan 847


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