Newport Folk Festival

Newport, RI

Jul 22, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Set: Atlas Dogs {1}, Moonrise {1}, Turned Clouds {1}, Borne > Hungersite, A Western Sun, Hot Tea {2}, Arcadia

Coach’s Notes

{1} Ricky & Peter on acoustic guitars, Spuds & Jeff using brushes

{2} Album version 


CobOnTheCorn 8/17/2022 4:22:22 AM

"Why they were at Newport who knows. Talk about a band that didn't fit the bill. "

Mark Bayer 8/15/2022 3:08:10 PM

"My first time seeing them and it won’t be my last. What a fun show for this old dead head (first show 1978) to discover a new favorite band. "

They saved the jams for set 2 7/30/2022 7:50:14 PM

"Not really a jamband festival and have to play in the time they’re given, so they probably decided to get through more material"

DaniKin the Dingus 7/27/2022 6:57:46 PM

"super smoke that acoustic goose boys!! Yee-Haaaa"

Dawg! 7/27/2022 2:57:17 PM

"Atlas Dogs may also be an acoustic song. Loving it in the new arrangement as acoustic opener just like Radio City N2. Not that I don’t love jams, but I really enjoyed this set of just playing awesome songs with limited jamming for a change of pace. They brought the jams at Blues Cafe set 2!"


Setlist at Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI on Jul 22, 2022

Set One

Atlas Dogs 434


Moonrise 183


Turned Clouds 553


Borne 400


Hungersite 329


A Western Sun 453


Hot Tea 474


Arcadia 673


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