Buffalo, NY

Nov 16, 2019

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Set 1: Atlas [1], Arcadia [2], Indian River, Drive

Set 2: Creatures > Shama Lama Ding Dong [3], Slow Ready, Hot Tea > Take On Me [4] > Buffalo Jam

Encore: Encore Banter [5] > Short People [4] > Hot Tea

Coach’s Notes:

[1] The Wood Brothers

[2] “Let’s Go Buffalo!” chant after Arcadia

[3] Otis Day & The Knights

[4] A-ha

[5] “Let’s Go Buffalo!” chant, Handini surveyed the crowd to see where everyone was from

[6] Randy Newman


Z 2/21/2024 6:36:35 PM

"That Indian River is some of the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard"

Layton Lee Jive 1/11/2024 10:10:19 AM

"brotha hands down my favorite Drive! Jus like the 45min Echo, nothin but saucy biscuits from start to finish baby!"

Goat Jam 12/17/2023 11:35:06 PM

"Lots of shows listened to from many bands and this Indian river prevails as my favorite jam of all time. The patience and groove into the build with just a melodically perfect final solo. Brings tears to my eyes. Can’t believe it followed one of my favorite Arcadias, also preceding a very impressive second set. This show had an unbelievable amount of intentionality, cohesion and tightness. "

Alumni Blues 11/22/2023 6:59:26 PM

"This was when Goose was just getting their wings. So Ready, Hot Tea, Take me On to Jam is what I remember as killer. On replay. "

Set I 11/27/2022 9:18:59 AM

"What makes this show worth listening is the entire 1st set. Atlas, Arcadia, Indian River "


Setlist at Nietzsche's, Buffalo, NY on Nov 16, 2019

Set One

Atlas 908


Arcadia 1400


Indian River 672


Drive 1859


Set Two

Creatures 1047


Shama Lama Ding Dong 390


Slow Ready 812


Hot Tea 646


Take On Me 253


Buffalo Jam 455



Encore Banter 141


Short People 488


Hot Tea 160


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