Swanzey, NH

Jun 11, 2021

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About Formats
About Formats

Mike 10/22/2022 1:35:06 PM

"Best Arcadia, no doubt "

Jay Jay Ron 9/5/2022 7:39:13 AM

"Hands down still one of the best goose shows I have been to, the song selection, the rain, the Intimacy. The labyrinth from this show was surreal. While I liked this band before this was the show where I truly fell in love "

Kyle 9/2/2022 3:51:43 PM

"This show holds up. Elizabeth is a huge opener, Arcadia went to new heights, as did Lead the Way. Weird Fishes ripped and the Wysteria jam was proto-Jeff Engborg. S2 was another level if you can believe it. The rain brought out the magic, especially in White Lights, J2 and Creatures. Goose was truly in the moment this night as they played straight till cutoff. The energy from this show was still high the following days at Westville Bowl."

bostonron 10/28/2021 5:59:17 PM

"Show is pretty good but the venue absolutely sucks. Was way better Oct 2020 when it was a drive-in. Concession lines topped off at 60+ minutes, the grounds were not taking care of, weather sucked, and the bathroom situation was awful Security and staff were cool but we need to stop making Swanzey a regular summer outdoor stop. It's not worth the drive "

Shawzey 9/1/2021 8:27:16 PM

"Had to be there to know what the hype is about. It was beautiful "


Setlist at Northlands, Swanzey, NH on Jun 11, 2021

Set One

Elizabeth 636


Arcadia 1041


Drive 763


Lead the Way 793


Weird Fishes 871


Wysteria Lane 1016


Loose Ends 86


Set Two

The Labyrinth 775


Love Is a Battlefield 506


White Lights 898


Jive II 1025


Creatures 1097


Slow Ready 350


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