Paramount Theatre

Seattle, WA

Apr 22, 2023

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About Formats
Show Notes

Coach's Notes:

Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins
Lead Up (Set 1) - Not recorded. Aborted due to PA issues
Lead Up (Set II) - The band started the song over and played it in full
Flodown -  After the song, the band took another break due to technical difficulties with the PA
Tech Talk - The band announced that they fixed the PA issue and would continue with the show
Echo of a Rose -  Fast version. Camino I teases from Peter
Sleepwalk - Santo & Johnny
Hollywood Nights - Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band

Coach's Corner: Due to technical difficulties with the PA, this was a 3 set show. Danger Zone was played for the first time since June 15, 2021 (147 shows). Sleepwalk was played for the first time since December 31, 2021 (111 shows).


DarkStarSki 5/12/2023 9:24:29 AM

"The Seattle run was the Best birthday present ever. The Echo of a Rose hit a gear I didn’t know GOOSE had to be quite honest. I’ll be at every show nearby from here until forever "

Jack Straw 4/29/2023 10:59:38 AM

"Is this an unmixed soundboard? Going from the previous show to this is night/day quality wise..."

Guster and the slime fish 4/28/2023 8:33:17 AM

"This echo blows the Philly one out of the water. Also Thatch —> arrow —> Hollywood was special. These guys are on a roll and can’t be stopped!!"

OreganoEmperor 4/24/2023 6:45:42 AM

"To return to the stage and crush it like this makes me really excited for the future, these guys get it "

EezyTreezy 4/24/2023 6:28:47 AM

"These flodowns lately have been just absolutely rippin!"


Setlist at Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA on Apr 22, 2023

Set One

Danger Zone 300


Animal 828


Set Two

Lead Up 343


Flodown 654


Set Three

Tech Talk 81


Echo of a Rose 2725


Earthling or Alien? 692


A Western Sun 429


Sleepwalk 324


Thatch 783


Arrow 907


Hollywood Nights 552


Feel It Now 860



726 516


Dripfield 997


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