Pullman Yards

Atlanta, GA

Oct 2, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Indian River  -  Welcome To Delta jam

No Rain - Blind Melon, Dini said “Next song will be honored by special request”

Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People

A Fifth Of Beethoven - Walter Murphy 


Deltaguy99 10/6/2023 10:37:38 AM

"Welcome to delta is so awesome "

Andy 10/23/2022 10:30:13 AM

"Time to Flee is one of the sickest Goose jams I’ve heard."

Doc 10/11/2022 9:53:21 PM

"Finally....somebody with the guts to cover Shannon and the guys Blind Melon!!! Kudos to Goose!!! Well done!!!"

ZoSo 10/11/2022 1:53:56 AM

"I've been to lots of shows in my 34 years and well this really was one of the best evenings of live music I'd ever experienced. The show from start to finish was A-mazing... I can't believe they opened with time to flee as I had it turned up to 11 as I was getting outta FL for the hurricane...I'm from california to boot and just may have unlocked some magic in knowing it was going to come right to town. I absoloutely can't wait to hit another GOOSE show with the amazing friends I met that day. Honk Honk you know our love will NFA"

Mountie421 10/8/2022 3:34:32 PM

"They took that Time To Flee to a whole new Channel!!"


Setlist at Pullman Yards, Atlanta, GA on Oct 2, 2022

Set One

Time to Flee 934


Indian River 922


California Magic 548


No Rain 794


Red Bird 1183


Rockdale 876


Seekers On The Ridge pt. I 403


Seekers On The Ridge pt. II 312


Yeti 708


Pumped Up Kicks 329


Yeti 243


A Fifth of Beethoven 455


Arise 757



Echo of a Rose 886


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