Radio City Music Hall

New York, NY

Jun 24, 2022

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About Formats
Show Notes

Coach’s Notes:

The entire first set was acoustic.

California Magic - Peter greeted the crowd then discussed the sad issues going on in our country, he encouraged everyone to use their power to vote and spread positive change.

Jack-A-Roe - The Grateful Dead/Traditional

Hot Tea and Arrow - New arrangement. The producer of Dripfield: D. James Goodwin on guitar, Stewart Bogie on saxophone, and Dave Nelson on trombone.


Frank 8/10/2022 4:41:13 PM

"Spectacular show I especially loved acoustic set"

Jordan F 7/2/2022 11:17:15 AM

"Just went straight for the third set unknowingly. Wow. There is nothing, to my knowledge, that has ever been as beautiful as GOOSE. Keep cooking boys. LFG"

TWEEKZ 7/1/2022 7:42:12 AM

"Pretty sure Trevor impregnated me with that filthy solo at the end of Borne "

rabidk 7/1/2022 7:32:10 AM

"Killer show. There both nights and while agree w others that Trey got the spotlight this show is the sleeper. Acoustic AIN to close set 1 rocked so hard during the jam I forgot it was acoustic. Set 2 was top 3 if not all time best hour of music I’ve heard from goose. Funky hot tea "

So much great music! 7/1/2022 4:53:22 AM

"The Saturday Trey sit in stole the show for the weekend, and it was indeed awesome! But holy shit this 2nd set (1st electric set) I my vote for set of the weekend, if not set of the year! The Tumble and Borne alone would have been worth the price of admission! But then A Western Sun followed by a dark Pancakes!?! Sheeesh what a set, what a show, what a weekend! So glad I decided to go to the shows! "


Setlist at Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY on Jun 24, 2022

Set One

Introduction 143


California Magic 563


Elizabeth 351


Jack-A-Roe 384


Turned Clouds 592


This Old Sea 674


All I Need 559


Set Two

Tumble 992


Borne 1040


The Whales 470


A Western Sun 432


Pancakes 855


Set Three

Madhuvan 1245


Hot Tea 989


Arrow 706



Animal 395


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