Radio City Music Hall

New York, NY

Jun 25, 2022

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About Formats
Show Notes

Coach's Notes:

Wake Up - Arcade Fire

Atlantic City - Bruce Springsteen

Writing A Novel - Father John Misty, with special guest Josh Tillman AKA Father John Misty on vocals

Creatures - Handini walked up the stairs on the side of the venue while playing the intro

Hungersite - Trey Anastasio on guitar & vocals

Arcadia  - Trey Anastasio on guitar & vocals

Dripfield  - Trey Anastasio on guitar

Loose Ends - Trey Anastasio on guitar 

The Empress Of Organos - Trey Anastasio on guitar 

Tomorrow Never Knows - Trey Anastasio on guitar & vocals, Josh Tillman AKA Father John Misty on drum kit and vocals, Jeff on guitar (The Beatles cover)

Entire first set was acoustic 


Yumdilly 7/30/2022 11:28:15 AM

"Great set, FJM and Trey guest star, wow!"

MB 7/17/2022 4:44:15 PM

"Searching for the secret . On so many levels this concert hits that sound that a lot of us are searching for. What a show! Did I hear someone say live album . Fantastic. "

wharfRat710 7/16/2022 11:00:07 AM

"10/10 a lot of people say all this trey sit in suck but they dont get the point of musicians just having fun and some fans choose to be ignorant instead of understanding. Anyways GOOOSSEEEEE"

Peerine Fixation 7/13/2022 7:26:52 AM

"All y’all fuckers ignant and rude. Billy sit in was dope as fuck. The Goose sit in was entirely different and fire as fuck too. Trey’s tone now is literally thru an entirely different rig than he used in phish hay day. In my opinion Rick is tapping closely into Trey’s 1.0 tone with the clean punchy elements of it, but even more compressed, polished and with more use of reverb and delay, I’d say. Goose and Billy are the future and the future is BRIGHT! Love Trey seems to genuinely dig them both. Good times. "

PRAGWR 7/11/2022 8:58:29 AM

"Greatest night of my life! Best sit in of all time! I've never WJ'ed so hard as I did when Troy came out. Goose is by far the greatest band of all time. Love love love these guys, no one can do it better. The las cruces ghost of bands! Billy sucks"


Setlist at Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY on Jun 25, 2022

Set One

Atlas Dogs 488


Moonrise 213


Wake Up 413


Atlantic City 346


Flodown 539


Elmeg The Wise 590


Set Two

Rockdale 1072


Seekers On The Ridge pt. I 375


Seekers On The Ridge pt. II 301


Red Bird 1353


I'm Writing a Novel 484


Creatures 1156


Silver Rising 600


Hungersite 1243


Arcadia 1093


Dripfield 1137


Loose Ends 182


The Empress of Organos 1247



Tomorrow Never Knows 480


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