Regency Ballroom

San Francisco, CA

Jan 29, 2022

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About Formats
Show Notes

Set 1: Doc Brown, Rockdale, Yeti > Tomorrow Never Knows {1} > Yeti, The Old Man’s Boat > Dragonfly

Set 2: Red Bird {2}, A Fifth Of Beethoven {3}, Echo Of A Rose {4}, This Old Sea, The Empress Of Organos {5}

Encore: Doobie Song 

Coach’s Notes:

{1} The Beatles 

{2} Original, FTP

{3} Walter Murphy

{4} Fast feel version 

{5} Jive I tease, Don’t Do It Tease 


Azherbboy 3/4/2022 6:40:21 PM

"First 3 songs including the Beatles cover were mind blowingly brilliant stuff. Top tier Goose right there. So stoked to have been there for my first show..went on to see 3 more after this one..and it still took the prize for me. Stellar show"

Elmeg 2/9/2022 7:31:33 AM

"This night was incredible and a hell of a way to start a 2 night run. Doc Brown was high energy right off the bat. Rockdale was brought a nasty funk rock jam with great vocals. The yeti sequence was fun as hell and had some extra swirly and funky playing. A breather from the epic nearly hour long dance party came in the form of a psychedelic rocking Old Man’s Boat>Dragonfly sequence. Red Bird came out swinging with a powerful feel-good jam that collapsed into more funk with A Fifth of Beethoven. Echo of a Rose had a nice jam leading into a nice breather in This Old Sea. They were really feeling the Empress jam at the end which got to some very cool and rhythmic places. Doobie Song was a fun way to close a fantastic night of Goose. Thanks you for a real good time!"

Forbin 2/8/2022 10:38:27 AM

"My goodness. Awesome awesome show. The whole thing is heat but the Yeti sequence and the Empress are top freakin notch. Give it a listen"

ElectricTacoSean 2/2/2022 7:01:26 PM

"Surprised there hasn’t been more chatter about red bird. Damn good debut. A lot of solid debuts so far this tour!"

TrvlnLight 2/2/2022 5:09:26 PM

"Seen Goose 4 times and Night 1 from SF blew my socks off! Especially the Doc Brown opener!! Such a great time in Old Frisco!!!"


Setlist at Regency Ballroom , San Francisco, CA on Jan 29, 2022

Set One

Doc Brown 602


Rockdale 729


Yeti 761


Tomorrow Never Knows 518


Yeti 139


The Old Man's Boat 775


Dragonfly 666


Set Two

Red Bird 1127


A Fifth of Beethoven 546


Echo of a Rose 746


This Old Sea 790


The Empress of Organos 1286



Doobie Song 527


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