Stone Pony Summer Stage

Asbury Park, NJ

Jul 3, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Wild Night - Van Morrison.
Indian River - 
80s synth version. With Welcome to Delta jam.
Yeti - Unfinished.
Creatures - 
With Asbury Park fireworks.
Arcadia - 
With Asbury Park fireworks.
Electric Avenue - 
Eddy Grant.
Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf.


"Welcome To Delta" jam in Indian River


Layton Lee Jive 1/11/2024 3:50:58 AM

"this Elizabeth will most def have any turtles nearby skidadllin' because Wolf's bringing shredder with this one! "

Idogg 9/11/2023 9:53:08 PM

"Magical night, first goose show and with wife and 4 "

Brian Abrecht 9/3/2023 9:37:57 AM

"My first Goose show ever this was! Arcadia and Yeti are two of my favorites by them so I’m so glad they played them. I used to cover Yeti with an old band of mine as well as electric ave so it was super cool to get them live from Goose. Jams were fire, I was grooving all night long! Easily one of my favorite jam bands out there today, especially after this show. "

KB 7/9/2023 2:25:51 PM

"Yeti-Creatures-Arcadia x Asbury Park fireworks has been on repeat all week with no end in sight. Not to downplay the rest of the show either. What an amazing experience. It’s why we go see these bands in this unparalleled scene and why I’ll always continue to"

Bellwitchcaveman 7/7/2023 9:26:45 PM

"Everything Must Go took me for a ride-so fun! Yeti>Creatures! "


Setlist at Stone Pony Summer Stage, Asbury Park, NJ on Jul 3, 2023

Set One

Wild Night 402


Elizabeth 857


Indian River 814


Everything Must Go 1016


Turned Clouds 648


Animal 842


Set Two

Yeti 720


Creatures 1221


Arcadia 715


Electric Avenue 605


Dripfield 1547



Magic Carpet Ride 451


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