The Acoustic

Bridgeport, CT

Apr 20, 2019

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About Formats
Show Notes

Set 1: One More Saturday Night^, Jive I > Hot Night$ > Take On Me=, Doc Brown, Madhuvan*, Slow Ready, Jive II 

Set 2: Drive? > Disco Inferno%, White Lights, Rosewood Heart > Doobie Song, Praise You!, Eminence Front+ 

Coach’s Notes: 

^ Grateful Dead, FTP as show opener since 10.10.15 at Creatures of the Night Music Festival in Adams, Tennessee. 

$ Laura Branigan 

= A-ha, LTP 11.23.16, Norwalk, CT- FTP w/ Peter 

* Funk version of Madhuavn - FTP ???????? 

? LTP 8.3.18, Wilmington, NC - This was the second time ‘Drive’ was ever performed live. 

% The Trammps 

! Fat Boy Slim, w/s/g Matt Mcnulty 

+ The Who, w/s/g Matt Mcnulty 

The Acoustic was jamming all night! Big thanks to our great friends Doey Joey & Matt Mcnulty for excellent support on the night. This show sold out half way through the first set. The first and last song performed on this weekend’s northeast run was Eminence Front. This amazing weekend was an incredibly big fat juicy Eminence Front sandwich! Thanks to everyone who came out to a show, special thanks to everyone who made it out to all 3! 

Set 1 Start: 11:04pm - Set 1 End: 12:02 

Set 2 Start: 12:19am - Set 2 End 1:34am 

Cover Art Design by Peter Anspach

Photo by Chris Sidoruk



Setlist at The Acoustic, Bridgeport, CT on Apr 20, 2019

Set One

One More Saturday Night 417


Jive I 550


Hot Night 271


Take On Me 408


Doc Brown 404


Madhuvan 671


Slow Ready 611


Jive II 573


Set Two

Drive 1022


Disco Inferno 744


White Lights 434


Rosewood Heart 630


Doobie Song 465


Praise You 396


Eminence Front 389


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