The Belly Up

Aspen, CO

Nov 19, 2021

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About Formats
Show Notes

Set 1: Yeti, Jive II, Doc Brown, I’m A Believer {1} > Butter Rum, Turned Clouds

Set 2: Seekers On The Ridge pt I, Trouble {2}, Hot Tea {3} > Dancing in the Moonlight {4} > Shama Lama Ding Dong {5} > The Empress Of Organos > Your Ocean, Seekers On The Ridge pt II

Encore: The Empress Of Organos {6}

Coach’s Notes:

{1} Neil Diamond

{2} Elvis 

{3} Mad World teases

{4} King Harvest

{5} Ottis Day & The Knights

{6} The band resumed the song at Tweekz bass solo section


Pat 1/27/2022 7:40:19 PM

"I'm a Believer.. holy crap!! First time I've listened to Goose.. won't be the last"

mikesbass 12/1/2021 12:28:22 PM

"Hot Tea is straight FIRE!!!! "

RJM 11/29/2021 11:00:47 PM

"I think this is the third best show of the CO run which says a lot because this show rages. "

Andrew Wiseman 11/29/2021 10:36:29 PM

"Really fun show! Notable for me: the jam after ‘I’m a Believer’ is fabulous and FUNKY, ‘Trouble’ is an absolute scorcher and Rick shreds his ass off, and a 2nd set Seeker’s sandwich topped with “FEESH” in the encore hahaha. Jeff actually pulled out a wooden fish instrument that he stroked the scales with. Rick says “look everyone, Jeff is playing the FEESH” "

Jeff 11/29/2021 4:29:56 PM

"What a show. Couldn't have tried to time my peak any better then at the very end of Hot Tea. When's the 203 coming back?"


Setlist at The Belly Up, Aspen, CO on Nov 19, 2021

Set One

Yeti 659


Jive II 716


Doc Brown 576


I'm A Believer 689


Butter Rum 1263


Turned Clouds 730


Set Two

Seekers On The Ridge pt. I 503


Trouble 336


Hot Tea 1700


Dancing In The Moonlight 311


Shama Lama Ding Dong 396


The Empress of Organos 626


Your Ocean 545


Seekers On The Ridge pt. II 519



The Empress of Organos 713


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