The Peach Music Festival

Scranton, PA

Jul 2, 2022

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About Formats
Show Notes

Set: Yeti Jam {1}, Arrow > Magic Carpet Ride {2}, Animal, Tumble, State Of The Art (A.E.I.O.U.) {3}, Factory Fiction, Dripfield

Coach’s Notes:

{1} Recording started halfway through the song

{2} Steppenwolf

{3} Jim James


waynewaite 7/13/2022 6:01:21 PM

"A highlight of the Peach fur sure for me. Happy to get my Tumble. It's so amazing, just less than 3 years ago I saw them in a bar in Albany ny and now the Peach stage. So happy for them!"

Jhizzy 7/13/2022 5:31:12 PM

"Ben Atkind just makes me so fuckin happy! My feet can't stop Ben! Ben! My feet can't stop, man!"

Ezra 7/8/2022 7:49:48 AM

"I think Reality never hits home like you want it too.. listening to the shows after the festival in the comfort of your own home music sounds different sometimes slaps harder than the actual show Goose u fuckin rock I will attempt to attend any show I possibly can "

Ned 7/8/2022 6:15:27 AM

"Factory fiction was a slammer. Considering they tour like crazy, i'm surprised they don't have more technical difficulties. Whenever people say that these guys "aren't that good" it reminds me of some ugly ass dude saying a gorgeous woman "isn't that hot." Dont be an obnoxious hipster, no one thinks youre cool, increase your dosage. One of the best bands out there. "

Goose fan 7/7/2022 2:37:48 PM

"Coot gave them. 3.5 out of 5 I guess I won’t see them now. Lmao who cares what you think. Honestly though give them a shot at a venue. Just like all jam bands, festivals cut their jams short."


Setlist at The Peach Music Festival, Scranton, PA on Jul 2, 2022

Set One

Yeti Jam 276


Arrow 1738


Magic Carpet Ride 484


Animal 504


Tumble 1023


State Of The Art (A.E.I.O.U.) 459


Factory Fiction 1176


Dripfield 841


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