The Regency Ballroom

San Francisco, CA

Jan 30, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Writing A Novel - Father John Misty
Julio Down by the School Yard - Andrew Goedde on whistle
Arise - Rick Original, FTP w/ Göose
Rock The Casbah - The Clash


Layton Lee Jive 2/1/2024 6:44:40 AM

"An all-around incredible show, like all shows the boys play "

Jordan F 6/27/2022 8:09:17 PM

"I was there this night, and I’m finally revisiting the show. I completely overlooked “Arise”. What a beautiful song. "

adam 4/21/2022 5:49:55 AM

"tweekz shines so much but especially on this sTumble"

Elmeg!! 2/9/2022 7:22:54 AM

"The entire San Francisco run is top notch. This night felt special, intimate and perfect despite troubles with feedback and SBD issues. The first jammed out Labyrinth was a hell of a way to open the show before it crashed into Writing a Novel. The slow tumble flowed nicely into the most badass version of Wysteria Lane I have heard. I thought the roof had blown off the place and I was abducted by Peters synths at the end. They tore up Julio and So Ready was the perfect touch of rowdiness to close the set. Arise was a beautiful demonstration of Ricks voice and melodic guitar soloing. Elizabeth had a great Ted Tapes sounding jam led by Trevor. Myst was rowdy and Rock the Casbah literally had the balcony shaking. And then there was Elmeg….. Wow. The song portion was beautiful and the jam culminated with Rick finding a riff that was both elegant and rocking. The band locked in around it and built to a terrific peak before perfectly collapsing back into the end of the song. The Hot Tea encore had literally everybody dancing up a storm. It was funky at parts but more notable for a seemingly endless series of tension and release peaks at the end. This was a perfect night of Goose. Thank you so much!"

Nate 2/8/2022 11:49:14 AM

"I flew down for this show and it was more than worth it. The whole show blew my mind. Incredible show. "


Setlist at The Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, CA on Jan 30, 2022

Set One

The Labyrinth 1208


Writing A Novel 466


Tumble 498


Wysteria Lane 1132


Me and Julio Down by the School Yard 559


So Ready 825


Set Two

Arise 698


Elizabeth 897


Into the Myst 761


Rock The Casbah 346


Elmeg The Wise 1485



Hot Tea 898


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