The Salt Shed

Chicago, IL

Apr 15, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Echo of a Rose -  Fast version 
Inside Out - Spoon
Madhuvan - Completes 4/15 version


Forbin 4/9/2024 8:06:53 AM

"The Pancakes just doesn’t quit. Good god. Must listen "

Jim in Syracuse 9/7/2023 8:46:13 AM

"I left a glowing review of SPAC but……. Holy Goose Shoe Batman! Top notch musicianship and flow/energy that rivals some of the best improvisational rock bands I have ever seen ( I am pushing 60 years old). This music hits me where I have been living and listening since 1980 in high school but is fresh. Without copying, Rick’s voice reminds so much of especially Lowell George and Rick Danko- with a smidge of Rob Derhak in a very pleasant way. "

Peacock 8/4/2023 11:07:41 PM

"Been to 3 shows and listened to essentially all of them. Echo of a Rose through Animal from this show is about as good as it gets. Next level. Wish I’d been there. "

CP 4/18/2023 8:53:30 AM

"Perfect first two shows to see. Loved Rick’s only comment through the two nights “Cool Place”. Say no more! "

KJack 4/17/2023 8:57:38 AM

"This was possibly one of the most incredible concerts I have ever seen! The Salt Shed was an incredible venue with everything you could want! Goose was as tight as ever and Rick firmly placed himself near the top of the pantheon of great guitar players. He is taking his playing to level I have never heard another guitar player even come close to approaching! Unbelievable! "


Setlist at The Salt Shed, Chicago, IL on Apr 15, 2023

Set One

California Magic 621


Echo of a Rose 988


Inside Out 952


Silver Rising 600


Lead Up 336


Drive 517


Echo of a Rose 92


Set Two

Animal 830


Pancakes 1226


726 574


Feel It Now 680


Slow Ready 705


Dripfield 1324



White Lights 482


Madhuvan 510


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