The Sylvee

Madison, WI

Feb 10, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

Set 1: Earthling or Alien?, Caution {1}, The Whales, Rosewood Heart, The Old Man’s Boat

Set 2: Yeti, AUATC {2}, Arrow, Arise, Arcadia

Encore: Disco Inferno {3}

Coach’s Note’s:

{1} Bob Marley

{2} Bon Iver

{3} The Trammps


RStad 9/4/2022 12:16:29 PM

"This Arrow is dirty good!"

Timbo 3/2/2022 5:26:05 AM

"I’ve been keeping up with every show from the tour and have just finished up this one. While the show and setlist as a whole is not one of my favorites of the tour, this Arrow is absolutely incredible and rivals any other top jam of tour so far. This Arrow is a prime example of why we keep returning to see this band. Listen to this Arrow. Go ahead, let yourself soar and slow down over the air. #thisArrow"

Daren L MN 2/13/2022 7:40:45 AM

"Number 18. The show was excellent top to bottom. Stand out Rosewood and Arrow. The Arcadia was immense and super Trevor heavy which was a new direction. Thanks Goose! ??"

BigOliveMan 2/12/2022 6:40:24 AM

"First Goose show, definitely won’t be my last. Some top notch improv in this show. They can be a bit ADHD at times, but generally in a good way. Rosewood starts out strong, meanders a bit in the middle, but from 20mins on is absolute fire. Arrow is a beast from start to finish, relentless. Our group all commented that it didn’t feel like a 25 min jam because there was no lull. Fun covers mixed in. MVP goes to Ben, that guy is an Animal. Will definitely see them again the next time they come through WI"

Look out clavland 2/11/2022 8:26:56 PM

"Top tier show! Just so much energy and exploration - crowd was so friendly - awesome night! "


Setlist at The Sylvee, Madison, WI on Feb 10, 2022

Set One

Earthling or Alien? 1106


Caution 457


The Whales 476


Rosewood Heart 1714


The Old Man's Boat 947


Set Two

Yeti 627




Arrow 1671


Arise 526


Arcadia 1318



Disco Inferno 648


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